Ends on July 17, 2017


Create a logo design for Brushfire Literature and Arts Journal.

Our Organization:

Brushfire is a student-run organization at the University of Nevada, Reno and is the University’s oldest literature & arts journal. We strive to represent the diversity, originality and dedication of our artistic community at UNR and in Reno. While we have been around since 1950, we are not the same organization from back then. Brushfire is always changing as an organization and is always experimenting with new designs and ideas. We want a logo that expresses our connection with art, experimentation, and change.

Task Description:

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Something modern and with color.
  • Styles of interest include iconographic and abstract logos.

  • There are two main options: we would like for the whole name "Brushfire" to be incorporated into the logo, or to have the letter "B" incorporated as the main icon, with "Brushfire" somewhere on there. Adding "literature & arts journal" is optional.

Dos: Be creative, original, and bold. You can submit as many variations or designs as you’d like. This logo should be scalable, meaning it looks good both small (like on a sticker) and large (like on a banner).

Don’ts: You should not take inspiration from our current logo, as we’re moving away from it and want to choose a new, modern style with color.

How The Winner Is Chosen:

The Brushfire staff will review all submissions after the deadline, then vote on the best design. The winning designer will be contacted by the Brushfire staff to work on any final adjustments. After adjustments have been made and the final design has been approved by the Brushfire staff, the designer will be awarded the $100 and be recognized on our social media when we unveil the new logo.

Format: Adobe Illustrator or PDF, along with any other relevant files.

Deadline: July 17, 2017.



1. All work submitted by me is my original work and does not illegally infringe upon any other individual or entity.

2. Should my design win, I agree to work with the Brushfire staff to make any final adjustments to the design before receiving the $100 award.

3. And, should my design win, I agree to release all copyrights of the design to the Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal organization for their use.

4. If my design is not chosen, and I do not win the contest, I retain full copyrights for that design.

5. I have fully read, understood and agreed to the aforementioned terms.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at brushfire.staff@gmail.com. Good luck!

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